Training Facilities

Airbus 300

KASOTC houses a full-scale A300 aircraft model and control tower with a helicopter landing pad.  The A300 also includes some B777 aircraft features and takes full advantage of the battlefield effects controlled by the Range Operations Control Center. This includes initiating targets to stand up from their seats, introduction of smells/sounds of the battlefield and video/audio capture of all training inside and out.

Aircraft model is ideal for linear assault training and deliberate/emergency aircraft assault training. Helicopter pad enables coordinated vehicle, foot, and helicopter assault training.

Troops trained in this area master the breadth of common CT assault scenarios and sky marshal training. Layout facilitates individualized tactics and techniques and coordinated unit assault training.


Close - Quarters Battle Live-Fire Shoot House (CQB)

The Close - Quarters Battle (CQB) house is a two-story armored facility with an adjoining three-story tower that provides room-to-room combat practice using live fire.  Designed to train for assaults on a major stronghold using a variety of methods including simultaneous foot, vehicle and helicopter approaches.  Assaults can be conducted using entry techniques on multiple levels including assaults through multiple floors and rooms.

Internally, the building is rated throughout for assault rifles, handguns and submachine guns using up to 7.62 ball ammunition. Externally, rated for limited and controlled sniper fire using 7.62 or 5.56 ammunition. Control from the ROC allows for initiating targets, introduction of smells/sounds of the battlefield and video/audio capture of all training inside and out.


Urban Area

The Urban Area contains a wide range of urban and village facilities (56) to simulate realistic neighborhoods, to include: embassy, residential areas, commercial and industrial facilities, and government buildings; a public square; villas, apartment complexes, and servants quarters; community center, garage, gas station, and shops; light industrial areas; office complexes; and water reservoirs.

The Urban Area simulates a variety of typical urban environments, enabling live fire training, scoring, and safety. The Urban Area simulates a variety of typical urban environments, enabling live fire training, scoring, and safety. In addition, the entire area is outfitted with concussion wave cannons, machine gun simulators, speakers, battlefield smell and smoke simulators and hundreds of day/night cameras and microphones to capture all the training.


After Action Review (AAR)

The After-Action Review (AAR) facility co-located with combat training ranges. Enables immediate mission debrief, assessment and appraisal leveraging 350 cameras for event reconstruction and playback. State-of-the-art scoring and performance assessment systems provided by General Dynamics Information Technology.

KASOTC maximizes training value by capturing unit and individual performance during the execution phase of training events, providing expert feedback and mission review from elite instructors in a facility specially designed for that purpose, and applying lessons to subsequent training events. Our video and audio capture system ensures that every minute on the range is a learning opportunity, for both instructors and trainees. We believe our AAR system is the foundation of training excellence at KASOTC. 

Advanced & Multi-Purpose Ranges / Commando Tower

KASOTC contains tactical and general purpose practice ranges for enhancing and developing shooting skills for basic to advanced levels. Our 300m range features Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) scoring for pop-up and moving targets. Targets on the 300m range can be engaged from the 8-story Commando Tower (Fully Integrated) extending the range to 500m. Furthermore, KASOTC features a 100m pop-up range, a 1300m natural-terrain sniper range with varying elevations and several 50m ranges.

The Commando Tower is also a platform for wall climbing, fast roping and rappelling. Training courses for this zone include Moving Target Engagement, Falling Plates, Grouping and Zeroing, and Weapon Testing.


Method of Entry Complex (MOE)

The Method of Entry (MOE) facility is a suite of facilities to allow the tactical training of method of entry techniques. The facilities contained in this area include various breaching stations, steel cutting station, the Method of Entry Building and a space for construction to meet client’s specific request (mud walls, etc).  The MOE building is a two-story structure used to train forces in methods of entry techniques.

Explosive methods of entry may be practiced on both the MOE stations and Building.  Both facilities are shielded or have marked danger areas to this explosive limit and may be used concurrently with other training. Larger concussion charges may be practiced at the Demolition Pit.

Driving Track

The Driver Track enables Non-Emergency Vehicle Operations (NEVO) to safely instruct and practice nonconventional driving techniques, such as evasive maneuvering, high-speed turn negotiation, skid control, and vehicular pursuit. The range is designed to allow travel in both directions, so that a trainee can practice making turns and maneuvers in opposite directions.  Vehicles and maintenance provided on-site. Vehicles and maintenance provided on-site. 

The training range features the spectrum of roadway layouts, including: Increasing Radius Curve/Decreasing Radius Curve; High Speed Straight; Skid Pad; S-Curve/Reverse Curve; Constant Radius Curve; Limited Horizontal Sight Distance Curve; Limited Vertical Sight Distance Curve; Roundabout and Urban Grid.  The Off-road Driver Training Track enables skills training on unprepared surfaces.



KASOTC K9 branch is the only facility of its kind in the Middle East with accommodation for 24 dogs; our K9 experts train narcotics and explosive detection dogs including checkpoint work, advanced roads, area clearance and building sweeps.

KASOTC trains patrol dogs for tactical tracking in all environments. KASOTC trains patrol dogs for tactical tracking in all environments. Our canine assault work includes CQB and decoy techniques.Our canine assault work includes CQB and decoy techniques.

KASOTC k9 training branch is available for consultation and training of individuals, k9 teams or complete units whether military or law enforcement.


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