Press Conference Announcement of the 8th Annual Warrior Competition 26/4/2016

April 26, 2016 (Amman, Jordan) – Jordan Armed Forces/Arab Army will host the 8th Annual Warrior Competition at the King Abdullah II Special Operation Training Center (KASOTC) that will be held on May 2-6, 2016 with the participation of 27 teams from around the world. The competition brings together the world’s elite Military, Special Operations, Counter Terrorism and Law Enforcement Forces to compete to be the best of the best; the Warrior of 2016.

This year in its 8th edition the Warrior Competition coincides with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's celebrations of the Great Arab Revolt Centennial and the approaching opening of the Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX) 2016. The Warrior Competition is also of interest to the participants of the exhibition in regards to small arms and military training and missions that could be used in the state of the art ranges and facilities available at KASOTC.

The competition has undergone a complete transformation in the way the competition is designed which redefined the standard at which terrorism is faced and combated, taking the challenge to an unprecedented international height that echoes the ever changing threats. The transformation is reflected in every quest of the competition where the competing warriors demonstrate competencies and adaptability of marksmanship, endurance, teamwork, tactics and communications on the battlefield.

A special event has been added to the competition to mark the centennial of the Great Arab Revolt, that will feature weapons and equipment that date back to the time of the revolt in 1916. The Great Arab Revolt had a profound impact on the history and transformation of Jordan and prompted a new era which called for liberty, justice and equality that was lead by Sharif Hussein bin Ali and the Arab tribes that rallied behind him.

Each competing team is comprised of 8 members that consist of 1 team leader, 5 competitors, and 2 alternative members. All the teams adhere to the rules and regulations of the competition in regards to gear and equipment that is permitted to be used, furthermore; the competing warrior’s capability will be observed and judged by a panel of reputable international experts from various professional military and law enforcement backgrounds in the industry. The Colt Top Shot 2.0 event is an individual event that assesses the best shooter from each team, and one team member is selected to compete in it; and will be receive a special trophy in the awards ceremony.

The 8th Annual Warrior Competition Sponsors:

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About the Annual Warrior Competition

The Annual Warrior Competition is a combat-oriented competition that is based on physical ability, team work, communication and individual accuracy. It takes place at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) in Yajouz, Jordan. The Annual Warrior Competition is designed to build team spirit among contestants partnered against terrorism. The competition also facilitates sharing of best-practices, technology, and hardware; through gear and weapons display and live demonstrations by international retailers.

For more information, registration, media inquiries and sponsorship opportunities please visit www.warriorcompetition.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center

The King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, also known as KASOTC, is located in Yajouz, Jordan and is a one-of-a-kind facility. The 2.5 square kilometer site boasts over 250 million dollars worth of cutting-edge training facilities and support structures. Its unique nature derives from an extraordinary combination of cutting-edge training, elite instructor and support staff and its integrated advanced technology. KASOTC offers tailored training courses or training support for clients with their own programs. Simply put, if special operations units are the tip of the spear, then KASOTC is the sharpening-tool that hones it.

For more information about KASOTC please visit www.kasotc.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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